Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm It!

Oh crap! I've been tagged by Joyce. I haven't been tagged since I was, like, 12. :) I'm both flattered (that anyone else reads this) and a bit perplexed. I'm supposed to share 6 different random things about myself and then tag 6 other people. Oh, the pressure... to be interesting...

Ok, here goes.

Six factoids about moi:

1. I am almost physically repulsed when I hear a song on the radio by the band Rush. I have no idea why. Neither the songs nor the band have any kind of emotional or sentimental connection to me (that I'm aware of). I don't know anything about them. All I know is that when I hear Geddy Lee's voice, I want to scratch my eyes out or jump out a window. Or I could just change the station...

2. The most ridiculous commercials can make me choke up and want to cry. Even when PMS is not a factor. I am very conscious of the fact that its all a well-calculated ploy by evil advertising executives, but I can't help myself.

3. I am freakishly strong. I discovered this as a child when I'd fight with my younger siblings or my cousin Melissa over the stupid stuff kids fight about. They'd always be the ones to get hurt. And they got hurt a lot. I'm sorry, guys. Also, I think I have a high pain threshold, which on very rare occasions, comes in handy.

4. Speaking of pain thresholds... I once fell down a mountain side and landed in big jagged rocks, knocking myself unconscious, in the Rocky Mountains. I had to be rescued by my friends, rangers, and one very unfortunate hiker who also happened to be an EMT. We all had to sleep in the freezing, biting wind on the mountain that night because the rangers didn't find us until it was pitch black outside. Its a long story, worthy of a separate post altogether, but the gist of it is that it took 4 rangers, one helicopter that couldn't land and so flew away instead, a whole team of rangers that were called in to carry me out on a splint and then later called off, and one horse to get me to safety. Its an exciting story, and I'm strangely proud of it - the day Larisa could have died. Needless to say, I am one lucky chica.

5. I'm a sucker for the accents. I mean, a total sucker. Its sad really. In my relatively limited relationship history I've dated two French boys and one Brit, who I am now married to. No, I did not marry him for his accent. But I must admit, that certainly helped ignite the first sparks. :) Its okay. He knows its true. He's comfortable with this fact.

6. I like chocolate, but I hate chocolate cake. I cannot explain this. In fact, any chocolate in the form of bread products, like Oreos, I could really do without. I can eat brownies, but only if they're the really ooey-gooey kind. Too dry? Fo'get about it. Chocolate in any other form? Sign me up!

So maybe some of those weren't so original, but its all I got! For now, at least...

Now here are MY six victims:


Tag! You're it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

#6 - Mail holiday cards on time

I forgot about this one! But I actually did it this year.

Well, there were a few minor exceptions. I couldn't dig up address for 3 friends in time so I STILL have those waiting to be mailed. But as for the others, they all went out in early or mid-December so I'm counting it!

For me, this is quite the accomplishment. Most people on my mailing list are used to getting Christmas and Hanukkah cards for Valentine's day. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Closer to #52

My soccer team WON its first game last night! This is our second season of playing together, and aside from one forfeit, we'd lost every single stinking game. But not last night! We kept it 0-0 until halftime. Then my husband scored! And it was the first time that we were ever actually UP in a game. But that was short-lived. A few minutes later, they equalized so our celebration was cut short.

But then Glenn scored his first goal ever. And my husband scored again! Go, baby, go!

I'm so happy that we've finally WON. But I also had a beautiful opportunity to score. I've finally started to go up into offense positions, and I was in the perfect position last night to knock one in. I stopped the ball right in front of the goal, but it had this weird spin on it, and I was afraid of kicking the crap out of it and hurting the goalie. I'm so annoyed with myself. I could have just dinked it in if I had moved a bit faster. Oh well. Next time!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Inspiration for #76

This is not my PostSecret, but it could be... Ha ha ha ha! :)