Monday, June 9, 2008

#54 & 55 - Done!

I did it. Yay!

I went an entire month with no fast food AND I took a multivitamin every, single day.

I even got my husband to take the vitamins with me, which was a very good thing. Without his regimented self-discipline, I would have had to restart the vitamin count-down many, many times over. But he was good. Several times he reminded me right before bed that we needed to take them. This Saturday, when I was about to pass out from mojito overdose, he even brought them to my bed with a glass of water. That saved my butt! It was the LAST day of the month-long streak. How badly would that have sucked...

So I'm taking them. And I will continue to take them. And hopefully this will become more and more ingrained into my daily habit. But as for the fast food thing, my month+ streak ends today. I forgot my lunch and am starving so it's off to grab a "healthy" salad from Wendy's.

Feels good to do those though. Good luck to everyone on their uber-healthy goals too.