Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mississippi Bound

Oh, my poor, little neglected blog. Its been almost a month since I've paid any attention to you whatsoever. Its not because I love you any less than my other life-in-general blog, its just that I've been so stinking busy that my 101 goals are the last thing on my mind right now. But I do think of you every now and then with a wistful sigh. I miss you.

And with that, I promise to give you some much needed TLC in about a week after I've accomplished goal #70 - Drive to a state I've never visited.

Our friends Karl & Terri moved to a tiny town outside of Hattisburg, Mississippi a few years ago after Karl got a professorship there. He just celebrated his 30th birthday this past month, and although we couldn't make his awesome canoing trip through the Grand Canyon, we did make plans with Terri to surprise him for a belated celebration. On Thursday, we'll make the 10-hour drive through Louisiana and into Mississippi with Mark and Brianna. We're also meeting friends from Florida who'll be traveling from the other direction.

I love road trips if only for the excuse to load up a car with trash mags and even trashier food (or at least what might marginally pass for food). Twizzlers, gummy bears, nacho cheese Dorritos - all the naughty things that are not normally allowed to reside in our house for fear of instant inhalation and subsequent 20 pound weight gain. Bring it on! My usual celebrity gossip fix has also been cut off recently due to my extreme productivity. Luckily, I'll be sharing car space with someone who has an equal, if not greater, addiction - we're talking about a girl who actually subscribes to Us Weekly, people - so she can fill me in on everything I've been missing over the last few months.

If all goes well, we'll all arrive at their place around midnight on Thursday evening. And then let the drunken debauchery begin...

I should really start prepping my liver now.