Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#55 - continued!

I think I've actually finally forced myself to form a new habit. I officially completed goal #55 - take a multivitamin every day - a few months ago, but Greg and I have been pretty good about continuing to do so.

The only times we really miss are those nights that we eat out, which isn't often. Other than that, the vitamin containers stay sitting out on our kitchen counter as a daily reminder while we're cleaning up after dinner. Go us!

#43 - Get new glasses

I only ever wear my glasses in the early morning when I'm just waking up or late at night when I'm getting ready for bed. Other than that, I'm either wearing contacts or as blind as a bat.

Perhaps that is because the only pair of glasses I've had for the last 3 years are from a really old prescription. They get the job done, but I wouldn't trust myself to drive with them. I finally buckled down, made an appointment and dropped some major cash to get a new pair.

Maybe I'll actually venture outside with these...

**picture soon to be added**

#52 - Um, halfway...

In last week's game, I did actually score a soccer goal.

Too bad it was for the WRONG TEAM! ::hanging head in shame::

I am still mostly a defender so I was in front of our goal, blocking an opposing player, when our goalie smacked the hell out of the ball. It hit squarely on the side of my foot. A perfect connection. And rebound straight into our own net. Doh!

No good.

#21 - Buy a new dining room table & chairs

We hit the Four Hands Warehouse sale two months ago and struck gold!

So pretty!

#15 - Refinish and repaint the front door

We recently repainted our backyard deck, or more specifically, failed miserably at our attempt and so hired someone to do it for us. We went ahead and also hired the guy to refinish and repaint the front door.

The heat has already put a few cracks in the new paint, but it looks so much better than it did before with dull bit of paint flaking off all over. So this task is officially done.